Welcome to Gulf Montessori Institute
Over 2000 teachers, parents and early years educators have benefitted from courses, workshops and seminars offered by Gulf Montessori. Many of our graduates have since established their own nurseries and others are currently working in nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools in the Arabian Gulf or in their own countries worldwide.

Founded in 1993, Gulf Montessori aims to promote quality Early Education in the Middle East. Gulf Montessori currently operates in Kuwait and Dubai with affiliates in many other countries in the world.

Gulf Montessori delivers a variety of courses and workshops designed to comply with International standards. Our Montessori Teacher Training Courses lead to Certificate and International Diploma Qualification by Montessori Centre International, While our Workshops and Seminars cover all early Education Topics.

All our courses are delivered by our full-time Staff supported by visiting experts in all fields of early education, both in English and Arabic languages. Gulf Montessori also works as an Early Education Consultant to schools, parents and public authorities. Several nurseries and primary schools in Kuwait and Dubai have commissioned Gulf Montessori to design and deliver customized On-the-Job Training courses and workshops to improve their educational standards. Registration and Inquiries, please contact us or simply send us a message on the Mail form on this site.

Hala B. Roumani
Principal/Academic Advisor

1992-2015 Gulf Montessori Working for the best interest of the child