International Montessori Qualifications

Awarded by

Montessori Centre International (MCI,UK)
  • Montessori Foundation Certificate
    Qualification for Montessori class teacher-assistants and early care workers. Awarded to students who complete 100 hours of lectures and pass a practical andan SAP written exam.

    Early Childhood Stage II Certificate
    TheStage II certificate is awarded to students who have successfully attended 210 hours of lectures, completed their coursework and passed the written and practical examinations.

    International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy
    This internationally recognised diploma is a suitable qualification for a Montessori class teacher and is awarded to students with the Stage II Certificate plus 420 hours of Supervised Teaching-Practice in a Montessori Nursery approved by Gulf Montessori.

    Gulf Montessori training courses lead to Internationally Accredited Early Years Qualifications in the Montessori Method of Education.
    All our courses aim to
    develop a high level of professional competence in students so that they are well able to care for and teach children from 2 to 6 years.
    Gulf Montessori offers all its Early Childhood Programs in both ENGLISH and ARABIC Languages with supporting Montessori materials and examinations in both Languages. Gulf Montessori has developped complete course materials in Arabic and obtained MCI approval to run and administer the Arabic courses for the Middle East Region.

    Students study over a period of one academic year attending college for two sessions per week, including 210 hours of lectures covering the eleven modules of the Syllabus. Students wishing to upgrade their certificate to the internationa Diploma are required to register separately for the Teaching Practice component. They will be required to attend a Montessori nursery approved by Gulf Montessori for a minimum of 420 hours, and complete all the required assignments under the supervision of Gulf Montessori. Teaching Practice can run concurrently with the Certificate coursework.

    o Montessori Philosophy
    o Developmental Psychology
    o Child Care, Health & Nutrition
    o Contemporary Issues
    o Observation & Assessment
    o Early Years Curriculum:
      - Activities for Every Day Living
      - Education of the Senses
      - Literacy
      - Numeracy & Arithmetic
      - Knowlegde and Understanding of the World
      - Creative Subjects
    o Teaching practice (for International Diploma Students)


    Gulf Montessori students are prepared for examinations set by the Montessori Board of Examiners (MBE) which is an independent and external board. Examinations are held twice a year at the end of each term.


    Students should have completed their High School degrees or equivalent in Arabic or English language.


    Gulf Montessori will assist its graduates in developing their careers and acquiring higher qualifications including:
    o The Nursery Foundation Teaching Diploma
       A two-year qualification for graduates wishing to start their own schools
    o Early Childhood Trainer Certificate
       An Internationally recognized qualification for Montessori Teacher Trainer
    o Post Graduate Studies
       Acquiring higher degrees in Education and other areas related to child development

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