International Montessori Qualifications

Awarded by

Montessori Centre International (MCI,UK)

    Birth to Seven (Early Years Educator), Level 3 & Level 4

    This new qualification has been developed jointly between Montessori Centre International, Crossfields Institute and CACHE. It is the first Montessori qualification to be regulated by Ofqual on the National Qualification Framework.

    For more details and application form, check the following links:

    - Course Card
    - Frequently Asked Questions  
    - Application Form (Download, complete the form and email to
  • Montessori Foundation Certificate

    Qualification for Montessori class teacher-assistants and early care workers. Awarded to students who complete 100 hours of lectures and pass a practical andan SAP written exam.

    International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy

    This internationally recognised diploma is a suitable qualification for a Montessori class teacher and is awarded to students with the Stage II Certificate plus 420 hours of Supervised Teaching-Practice in a Montessori Nursery approved by Gulf Montessori.

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